Safety Ideas For Electric Driveway Gates

Safety Ideas For Electric Driveway Gates

by wp_bourgetbros |April 10, 2017 | Blog

Most homeowners tend to shop for driveway gates with no safety features on them, thinking they will get a smaller price for their gate opener. Nevertheless, as soon as they learn about the potential dangers that could result from operating these systems, they quickly change their mind and decide to add safety features. If you are curious to learn more safety aspects of gate operating systems and driveway safety, keep reading.

Get Out Of The Way!

  • Lots of people end up injuring themselves while trying to squeeze through the gates during operation. Entrapments are therefore one of the major perils associated with these gates. A sliding or swinging gate can at times be fatal for the person trying to use it improperly. Pay special attention to the gate movement and let it reach a complete stop before you get near it. Watch your kids and pets and steer clear any objects from it.

  • Make sure that your system possess a listing mark prior to buying it. This should help you know for a fact that the automatic gate has been safety tested. It should comply with the UL 325 Standard for Safety. One way of making sure you have made the right purchase is to look for a recognized company such as “UL” or ”ETL”.

  • Inspect all the rollers, fasteners, and brackets and make sure they are put together correctly. They need to be properly aligned and periodically lubricated. The entrapment sensors should also be checked periodically. They should operate independently of each other to ensure the maximum levels of security.

  • Improper operation of the gate from the wrong side or by putting your arms or hands through can prove to be extremely dangerous.

Inspect The Locks On The Gate Periodically

  • There is a wide variety of electric and electronic gate locks to look into. You can opt for locks that enable horizontal mounting on a single gate, or a smaller and Car Locksmith Servicesmore compact alternative for vertical floor mounting on twin or pedestrian gates. There is also the option of a vertical mounting lock that can be installed on a 5 bar wooden estate gate.

  • Magnetic locks can hold a capacity of 500kg. They can be fitted on a surface or countersunk depending on the type of gate used.

  • Get in touch with professional who specialize in selling automated gate locks and let them recommend the best options for your particular needs.

  • Talk to experienced locksmiths for homes or commercial spaces in your area and have them inspect your current gate locks. They should be able to immediately catch any faults and fix them on time. Burglars will take advantage of any change they can get to make they way into a garage, home, or office space. So a vulnerable lock on a gate will definitely catch their attention.

  • If you have already performed a car locksmiths near me search online and you came across a few reliable and affordable locksmiths, see if they also handle garage or driveway gate lock problems. Install high quality locks on your gate and consider using CCTV monitoring cameras in your driveway for further protection.

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