Flagstone Bluestone Pavers

Flagstone Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone Flagstone Patio Pavers have a lovely blue hue with a soft, warm blue/gray color. Bluestone flagstone pavers’ rich texture and natural cleft surface makes them very unique and a great stone for building, as a veneer and for patios.  Bluestone is quarried in mines throughout Northern Pennsylvania. We stock a wide selection of flagstones for pathways and gardens. Available by the lb, ton or pallets .

Bluestone is a very durable stone with a pleasing earthy color palette. The name “Bluestone” can be somewhat misleading as this material is really a full-color stone in hues, from blue/gray, browns, greens, rust and lilac.  It is also avaiable in all blue

Available Colors:

Full Color, Blue/gray/green/brown, just as it is quarried

Blue/Blue, all blue


1/2″ thick Full Color or Blue irregular pieces
1″ thick Full Color or Blue irregular pieces
1-1/2″ thick Full Color or Blue irregular pieces
2″ – 4″ thick Blue only irregular
3″ – 4″ Blue only irregular

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