Black Licorice Glass Pebbles

Black Licorice Polished Pebbles

Black Licorice Glass Pebbles

BLACK LICORICE GLASS PEBBLES are round, tumbled 1″ thick glass stones. These beautiful decorative stones can be used in firepits and fireplaces, as landscape mulch, in fountains, aquariums or anywhere decorative glass stones are desired.

Sold in 5 and 25 lb. bags.

All prices are FOB, Santa Monica California, and subject to change without notice. Not all items are available in stock. Please call for current availability. 310-450-6556

Our crushed landscape glass are 100% recycled. If they had not been purchased and processed for this purpose, the glass would have been discarded in a local landfill. Architects may claim LEED credits or “green points” for using our glass. All our glass is made from post-consumer glass bottles from various domestic sources, including material recycling facilities in Park City, Los Angeles and other cities along the West Coast. Some of our glass is also made from recycled post-industrial glass window scraps and furnace clean outs from various window and glass product manufacturers in the Salt Lake City area and the East Coast.

Most of our glass is re-melted and re-processed to ensure a mostly consistent color and size.

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