Landscaping Tips For Security Reasons

Landscaping Tips For Security Reasons

by wp_bourgetbros |January 19, 2016 | Blog

A reliable security system does not have to look like NASA security panels or cost you an am and a leg. It just needs to be effective enough to be able to scare off potential thieves and intruders. And this can be achieved with a few simple features in place. It can incorporate something as simple as a few thorny bushes and the proper landscape lighting. Yes, you can in fact do an excellent job at burglar-proofing your home while enjoying your life-long gardening hobby. Start while planting!

How Can Landscaping Keep Burglars At Bay?

  • You need to start the process of making your home safer with the help of plants and other gardening ideas as early as the planting phase. The trees you are going to plan will not only provide you with excellent shade, but they will also potentially lead burglars to any existing upper stories of your property. Since we are all more tempted to leave windows open and unlocked at a superior story, it is needless to say the risks are even greater when trees simplify burglars’ path.

  • Focus on planting trees that are located at a sufficiently large distance from the house. You will also stop trees from uprooting your foundation as it grows.

  • Consider the ground level and any tangle shrubs you might have there. While they might look nice, they will be nothing more but deceiving hideout places for intruders. Do your best to keep these shrubs trimmed short. If possible, plant perennials instead of the shrubs.

Additional Home Safety Ideas

  • Besides the use of clever gardening and landscaping that can keep your home better protected against the criminal hand of burglars, there are other things you can do to get more peace of mind under your roof.

  • Contact a few locksmith for houses that specialize in residential services that include security assessments for locks, keys, and alarms, new lock installation, including advanced locks, lock re-key servicelocksmith for homess and repairs, duplicate key making, master key manufacturing, mailing box, kitchen and bathroom cabinet and drawer locks, and home safe locks, to name just a few.

  • Let them assess your place – services like Authorized Locksmiths offer free price estimates and assessments – and schedule the repairs for a date and time that is most convenient to you. If you have zero experience with determining whether a lock is obsolete, has some sort of a malfunction, or should be replaced with a higher quality one, let a pro handle it for you. These people do it for a living, and are experienced and skilled enough to figure out any lock or key dilemma, no matter how complicated.

  • Get more peace of mind knowing all of your locks on your entryways have been properly inspected by a well-trained lock technicians who has completed specialized courses and has gotten a license to operate in the field. Have them introduce you to the most recent releases in the industry – if you can afford them, electrical locks that require no metal key or wireless alarm systems are some of the hottest security additions to any home.

  • Professional locksmiths can also install CCTV surveillance systems and fix broken sensors, and they even handle emergency lockouts. So they are definitely worth looking into if you plan on strengthening security on your home.

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