Incorporate a Water Feature Into Your Home’s Landscape Design

Incorporate a Water Feature Into Your Home’s Landscape Design

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Creating a warm and inviting landscape can make your outdoor space more usable and boost your home’s curb appeal. While a well-manicured lawn and the right foliage can serve as the foundation for your home’s landscape, adding specialty features can really take your outdoor design to the next level.

Incorporating a water feature into your landscape can be a simple and effective way to lend elegance, comfort, and style to your outdoor living area. Here are three types of water features you may want to consider as you work to create a welcoming landscape for your family and friends in the future.

1. Waterfall

If you are looking for a water feature that will give your backyard a dramatic appearance, then the addition of a waterfall may be the answer. Waterfalls can easily be added on to ponds, streams, and even swimming pools.

Since they require more vertical space than anything waterfalls actually have a very small footprint, leaving plenty of free space available to landscape with a rock garden, patio, or other valuable outdoor features.

Be sure that your waterfall blends seamlessly into your landscape design by using natural stone and boulders to construct the water feature. These natural materials won’t look out of place in your yard, ensuring that your new waterfall serves as a focal point for all the right reasons.

2. Stream

The sound of running water can be very relaxing. You can harness this relaxation by opting to add a small stream to your landscape design. You can easily customize the design of your stream to meet your unique wants and needs.

A deeper stream can double as a pond, providing ample room for fish to swim comfortably. Shallower streams are faster moving, allowing you to maximize the sound of trickling water within your home’s landscape.

Using natural stone in the construction of your stream allows you to give it the appearance of belonging to the landscape. If you want to add a pop of unexpected color or a bit of sparkle to your stream’s design, you can choose to incorporate durable landscape glass into the stream’s shoreline.

3. Fountain

When you don’t have a large yard but you still want to incorporate a water feature into your landscape design, then a fountain may be your best option. Fountains are fully-contained water features that can provide the benefits associated with the sound of running water without taking up a lot of space.

There are many different styles of fountains to choose from, so before you invest in one of these water features you need to decide where you will be placing it. Pedestal fountains work best propped against a wall, while basin fountains are designed to be viewed from every angle.

Investing in the fabrication of a custom fountain that is uniquely designed to fit your outdoor living space can be a great way to ensure your new water feature enhances the aesthetic of your landscape over time.

Making the choice to add a water feature to your home’s landscape can be exciting, but it can be a bit daunting as well. Choosing between a waterfall, a stream, or a fountain can be challenging, but the experienced professionals at Bourget Bros. Building Materials can walk you through the design process.

Visiting their showroom will give you the opportunity to view many different stone products that can be used in the construction of your water feature, and they even have a manufacturing facility where custom fountains can be fabricated for your outdoor space.

Take advantage of the knowledge and experience Bourget Bros. Building Materials can provide when incorporating a water feature into your home’s landscape design in the future.

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