4 Extraordinary Updates for an Ordinary Concrete Slab Patio

4 Extraordinary Updates for an Ordinary Concrete Slab Patio

by Josh |May 22, 2018 | Blog

Outdoor living is an important part of your family’s comfort and your home’s appeal. In addition, a deck or patio space can add enormous value to your home. Considering an estimated 98 percent of potential buyers want a home with a patio or similar fixture, the value of this outdoor living space is easy to see.

For many builders, a simple concrete slab is standard in patio design. While functional, this ordinary slab lacks personality. Thankfully, you can update the look of a concrete slab patio with a few unique additions. To get started making an ordinary concrete patio extraordinary, contact the professionals for more information on these patio updates.

Stone Accents

Even though your patio is made of concrete, you can add personality, color, and texture to the ordinary slab patio using stone accents.

Consider creating a border around the concrete slab using a tile mosaic or flagstone paver stones. If you prefer to change up the entire look of the concrete slab, cover the patio in larger flagstone pieces in natural colors that are appealing and versatile.

Natural stones can also be used to create retaining walls and flower beds around the patio. Or add a wall of stacked stone around your patio’s exterior. This wall can act as a decorative border while giving you, your family, and your guests additional seating.

Water Features

Installing a water feature is also a great way to turn an ordinary concrete patio into an extraordinary outdoor living space.

In addition to adding beauty and appeal to your patio, water features are therapeutic. The sight and sound of running water create a serene environment that is calming and refreshing. Running water has been proven to relax and inspire, so relaxing on your patio while a fountain is running can benefit your emotional well-being.

If you practice feng shui, the addition of an outdoor fountain is imperative. Running water balances harsh shapes in the design of your outdoor living space, creating peace and harmony in your life.

Consider placing a simple water fountain in a pot on your concrete patio or building a more involved fountain that streams around your outdoor living space.

Fire Features

Incorporating a fire feature into your concrete slab will also add appeal and value to your home while giving you a place to relax and entertain at night or when temperatures begin to drop.

Install a stone fire pit on your patio and surround it with a few comfortable Adirondack chairs for lounging. You’ll be able to roast marshmallows for smores or just relax by the fire pit on a chilly summer or fall evening.

A more elaborate fireplace can also be built on or near your concrete slab patio. When you use a fireplace, the smoke moves up into the air instead of into your face like with a traditional fire pit. With a fireplace, you can enjoy roasting food or relaxing outdoors without a heavy presence of smoke.

Decorative Screens

Installing a decorative screen on one or more sides of your patio is one of the easiest ways to update the look of your outdoor living space.

Decorative screens are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, so there is an option suited to your needs and unique personality.

The screens add texture and architectural appeal to your ordinary concrete patio, making your outdoor living space more inviting and valuable.

Also, screens can give you privacy if your backyard space is visible to neighbors. Enjoy relaxing, dining, and entertaining guests while on your patio without being seen by neighbors and passerby.

A concrete slab patio is functional and valuable, but it is most likely not the most attractive part of your home. To learn more about these and other updates for your patio and outdoor living features, contact Bourget Bros. Building Materials today.

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