4 Driveway Upgrade Ideas You Will Love

4 Driveway Upgrade Ideas You Will Love

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If you want to give your home amazing curb appeal, starting with your driveway is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. There are many ways to design a beautiful and functional driveway that go beyond classic concrete and asphalt.

Discover four amazing driveway upgrade ideas that will have you wanting to redesign your driveway as soon as possible. Your contractor can help you design a beautiful front driveway that you will love.

Add Pillars

A great way to make a classic asphalt or concrete driveway look more appealing is to add pillars on either side of it. You can add pillars with or without supporting walls. Pillars can be designed out of natural rock or brick or a combination of different materials for a whimsical and unique look.

Talk to your contractor about adding pillars to your driveway with a built-in mailbox (if this is allowed in your county). Eliminating your classic mailbox and adding it to your pillars can give your home a more streamlined and beautiful curb appeal.

Consider Natural Stone

You might want to replace your current driveway material with natural stone, such as river rock, limestone, gravel chips, or even brick pavers, in a pretty design. If you don’t want to create a stonework driveway, consider layering beautiful crushed rock over your existing driveway for a quick upgrade that doesn’t cost much to do.

Your contractor can help you choose the best type of stone for your project. If you wish, you can even simply have your current driveway lined with loose stones to make it more modern without doing a complete remodel. Loose stone can also help prevent weeds and grass from growing along your driveway while protecting its edges from crumbling.

Try Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is an excellent way to achieve the appeal of natural stone or pavers and various tones of natural color without actually installing any rock at all. Using special stamping equipment and mixing hues, your contractor can take classic concrete and turn it into a work of art in your driveway.

Talk to your contractor about texture, color and design when you are considering a decorative concrete driveway. The end results are long lasting, realistic and truly beautiful.

Install a Border

You can actually mix different mediums of driveway material together to create a whimsical and charming effect in your yard. Consider sections of fresh asphalt with interlocking brick pavers to create beautiful squares of streamlined parking space.

A border of flat granite or limestone on the edge of your driveway is an attractive upgrade as well and has the added bonus of making your driveway wider. Having a border installed is a more complex project than simply lining your driveway with loose rock, but the effects are well worth the effort. Talk to your contractor about bordering ideas that will look great on your property and extend the life of your driveway.

Before You Upgrade

Since there are so many different ways you can give your current driveway a makeover to give it a whole new appeal, you will want to take into account your budget, your home design and the colors and textures you love before you talk to your contractor. Once you have what you want in mind, your contractor can help make your vision come to life for a beautiful new entry driveway you will love.

Upgrading your driveway gives your property greater curb appeal and adds dimension to your drive. Our team of experts at Bourget Bros. Building Materials are committed to supplying fine-quality natural stone and other materials so you can have a beautiful driveway you will love. Call us today to see what we can do for your home.

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